Founded in 2012


has a total area of ​​over

11,000 m²

There are 110 employees
in the company


Huizhou Xuchen Furniture Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is a furniture enterprise integrating R&D and design with production and sales and located in Qiuchang Town, Huiyang District which is a major town for furniture manufacture in Guangdong. The factory has a total area of ​​over 11,000 m2. It mainly produces leather sofas, fabric sofas, sofa beds and functional electric sofas; those products are exported to Japan and South Korea, and have been sold in mainland China since 2015. For more than two years of exploration, the company has made clear its development direction and strategic focus, and invested in R&D of high-end and high-tech electric sofas in line with human body mechanics, to meet the increasing requirements on quality of life.

Company Profile

Since its inception, we have been adhering to the design principles of “simple, comfortable, casual and elegant, rather than pursuing the luxury of products”.

The company has a group of management and design team with more than ten years of furniture experience. The team adheres to the design concept of "simple and nature", paying attention to creating high-quality fashion life for mass consumers, exploring the original design ideas of sofas, and constantly creating sofas with high technology, leading design and rich personality.

After six years of experience, the company has perfected the traditional styles of three-person, double-person and single-person, and the corner arrangement for reasonable use of the room area, as well as the electric sofa suitable for the elderly and patients with spinal injuries; the materials are divided into the waterproof and anti-fouling fabrics, artificial leather EPU, PVC; leather fabrics are imported and produced with domestic fine leather.


For the years of foreign trade OEM cooperation, the company has established a strategic partnership with large Japanese retail enterprises to continuously consolidate the foreign trade market; at the same time, it continuously improves the production capacity and quality management level. Independent brands are a must for the company to better survive and develop, so the company has been constructing the independent and perfect brand structure; the company's senior management strongly recognized that the brand is the spokesperson of quality and image; high visibility, high credibility, high market share, high added value and other characteristics have become the important competition means for enterprises to win in 21st century. 


In the future, Xuchen Furniture will continue to follow the principles: Quality is the life of the enterprise, reputation is the soul of business management; it will actively explore and be brave in innovation in front of a new era full of opportunities and challenges; forge ahead, constantly innovate and change, and take the "always be the pioneer in furniture” as the driving force for the development; accelerate the pace of scientific, modern and international scale operation on the basis of further realizing the design and management upgrading and technical content enrichment; progress with customers, and work with employees; and make due contributions to the continuous improvement of the quality of human life.



There are 110 employees in the company, including 75 professionals and technicians, 5 senior managers, 4 researchers and designers, and 8 quality control personals. The company insists on the "quality-oriented, efficient and environmental friendly, and innovative” development policy, focusing on the intelligent R&D of functional sofas. It has independent brands and standardized production lines, using domestic well-known brand iron frame and American Leggett iron frame, Germany OKIN motor, Japan LIMOSS, and domestic Huaxin Xin and other motors; combining with geographical advantages and high-quality materials introduction, the company provides high-quality functional sofas and quality services for domestic and foreign merchants in a efficient and dedicated manner.